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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

happy anniversary! happy anniversary!

no joke, j and i sing this to each other. at least we did this year and last. so here it goes, in written form: happy anniversary! happy anniversary!

so we've been married two years and i finally get brought flowers... nevermind that it was only one flower and it was picked right outside our house.

it's the thought that counts.

and now, when i tell you what we did, please don't be expecting any super-romantic mushy expensive night because that's just not who we are. you should know us better than that.

we had every intention of buying a tent. yes, a tent for camping. on our anniversary we buy something that we can use together (last year it was sheets and that was because our cats essentially ruined our old ones) so this year a tent is the plan. we went into bell's corners where le baron is and had dinner at east side marios. j kept the surprises coming by ordering pasta with shrimp (and i thought i knew him well - philly steak sandwich is his usual) and caesar salad and eating just as much bread as i did. weird. we sat on the patio and had a good time.

once we were sufficiently stuffed we went over to le baron and found that it had been closed for 2 and a half hours. the best part is that we knew since s works there. oops! so we went to bayshore instead to get j some sandals. no luck.

we ended our night by watching derailed and eating jello and bananas. mmm mmmm mmmmm.

thanks to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary. and thanks to my ball team for playing without me last night.

oh, my parents came by sunday afternoon and brought us this:

4 funky placemats and napkins because 2nd anniversaries call for cotton. they will look really good in our new place.

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