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Thursday, July 27, 2006

end of week one, beginning of pay

tomorrow is my last day of my first week at my new job. me me me. and i still like my job. impressive. but seriously, i'm really happy with my job: the actual job, the people, the location. everything.

everything except getting my body back into the habit of waking up early and biking every day. it's amazing how quickly you lose physical things like that. i'm almost constantly tired and my body is hurting. i'm not complaining i'm just explaining my feelings. j is always asking about my feelings. well j, here you go. i feel tired and ouchy.

moving on. i haven't been paid in a long while so i was pretty happy to see a cheque from my last job arrive in the mail today. thank you government for taking so damn long. thankfully i have a sugar daddy.

(oh boy, another scattered post.) my baseball season is winding down. we had our last regular season game last night against my old team. my old team is a level up and has beaten us every single time in the past two years. well, not this time! we won 3-2. it was a nice feeling, a content feeling.

this weekend is a huge mazda meet (it's the toronto-montreal-ottawa meet hosted by the ottawa mazda club) and i think i will be taking a photographer role instead of a wife role. at least i will have a purpose and something to show for my weekend. other than that i don't know what i'll be up to. though i think if you asked my cats they would say that i would be heading out and buying them some damn cat food (excuse the language, but the heat is getting to them).


  1. Yay on the paycheck!!

    Very cute kitty picture too...

  2. thanks sue! the picture is from march because it isn't often we get both cats in the same picture.. not because they don't like each other though. it just happens that way.