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Sunday, July 23, 2006

double dipping the weekend

weekend number one
j and i went up to the cottage thursday night. we had a mission: clean up fallen trees. there was only one chainsaw so i read. i read lots. it was really lucky that there was no damage to the cottage.

we slept in the tent again friday night. i'm looking forward to when we have some decent mattresses, just two single thermarests or something (i know next to nothing about mattresses). that will make sleeping much more comfy and much less ouchy.

weekend number two
we got back to town saturday afternoon. j napped while i played around with flickr then we headed waaaay out of town for a house-warming party at a car guy's house. it was a nice house, but i really don't think i could live that far out. anyways, big t was my entertainment since i really couldn't handle the my-kid-has-learnin-disbilities (spelt wrong on purpose) talks going on with the wives. eek, i'm a wife! i decided that i don't make a good "wife" in this sense.

we got home, put in a movie and spent the rest of the night fighting off sleep. good times.

today was my last day of unemployment so i did lots and did nothing at the same time. i'm sure i'll have lots to say tomorrow about the new job. i'm sure it will be something like this: spent all day reading to learn all sorts of new things. have two smashing monitors though. tired. you know, along those lines.


  1. wow - that's a lot of downed trees. good thing the cottage survived!

    I vote for thermarest.... and definitely get one for each of you unless you feel like arguing about whose turn it is to sleep on the old crappy blue foam roll (that you used to think was comfortable but now realize is a piece of junk). Personal experience - we thought we could be thrifty, but Thermarest #1 was just tooo comfy. Thermarest #2 is now on our shopping list...

    Good luck with the new job!

  2. thanks for the tip - i think we'll probably invest in two thermarests, but possibly not right away since j just bought a wind surfer.

  3. wind surfer? no fair!

    mommy, I want one too!

  4. yeah, i know. you get people with more money than they know what to do with and you get a wind surfer.

    he got one that can be used for learning and that can be used to progress. i'm sure you can come out with us sometime to britannia park and try it out.