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Monday, July 3, 2006

canada day long weekend

the canada day festivities started off with a bike ride in the rain over the richard's house where we watched the soccer game. i hadn't seen those guys in a long time and it was nice to see them and talk.

we managed to leave just in time to be caught in the rain again on the way home. we stopped at home before heading downtown. i was meeting with my university housemates but j went to the hill and met up with bananapants. i was at a bar called oz with lots of people i hadn't seen in over two years. it was lots of fun. here's a picture of triplek!

and keeping to our streak of rainy-luck, we biked home in a huge thunderstorm. we were completely soaked through when we got home. we got out of our second skin, aka our clothing, showered and ran to the car with all of our cottage stuff. two hours later we were at the cottage and exhausted.

the cottage was nice, but there were tons of people up and so it was loud, annoyingly so. plus, sunday morning, j and i went down to the beach to eat our breakfast (when i say 'morning' i really mean afternoon, and when i say 'breakfast' i really mean chicken burgers). we were sitting there minding our own business when i look down and see the biggest spider i've ever seen! it was easily the size of my palm (back me up here, j). being the nice guy he is, j squashed him with a rake, but the beach wasn't the same after that. i tanned and ate on the porch the rest of the time. i swear that spider snacked on birds. it was huge. *shudder*

we left pretty early today and got home to a disaster of a house. it surprises me how crazy things get when you remove a fridge. there is food everywhere, bottles of condiments and ice cube trays all over the counter. plus our regular crap. so i cleaned and did laundry while j washed the car.

and guess what? we went out to get some cash and pick up the pizza we ordered and got CAUGHT IN THE RAIN!! honestly. worst.luck.ever.


  1. Eeewww!! Spiders (especially the ones that are as big as a Buick) are terribly gross.

    Truffle likes a good spider snack, but only the tiny ones. She likes the way they are crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, but mostly she likes playing with them before the big kill. Ouzo's afraid of spiders. Of course he is.

  2. our cats are funny.. they are so inbred that the whole hunting thing is lost on them. well not all of it, but the killing part of it is. so they'll chase a spider for a bit and then get distracted and leave. at least now we have blackie who will finish off the spiders.

  3. Captain UnderpantsJuly 5, 2006 at 12:21 AM

    Hey you, chica,

    we discovered a massive pile of smaller spiders by our tent last night because I thought my flashlight was catching little pieces of quartz and sparkling. Turns out that the spiders had a sparkly bit on their backa nd it made finding a pit toilet REALLY hard since all I could see were sparkly bits in the grass and I was freaking out a bit about waling inthe grass. I'm totally scared of everything here because I don't know my insects and assume that everything is full of fatal venom.

    But your big spider...ugh. Fat legged big spiders make me squidgy insise. I don't have the guts to kill them because they are too gooeys inside. Is this fun to read? Probably not.

    Your passport application is soon? Have you picked a holiday? Hit up my g-mail chica! How are you??