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Sunday, June 4, 2006

tournament a bust: team home early

the forecast said rain and rain it did. it poured. in fact it poured so hard that we never even made it on the diamond. the tournament coordinators had to cancel almost all saturday games and were trying to make a valid schedule cramming all games in on sunday. yeah, no thanks. i want to get home at a reasonable time. plus, it still might have rained sunday.

so we left. we were in port perry less than 24 hours. thankfully. our hotel (the roachhouse motel) was Disgusting with a capital "D". i didn't feel clean for one minute in that place, plus we were soaked the whole time so we all smelled like damp baseball gear. mmmmmm.

we got back to town after some detours - apparently a dam was about to bust and flood the highway so we had to take another route - and then we went out. out on the town. this is unusual for me and it made me feel like i was back in school. we drank at a girl's house and then walked to the bar with "road rockets" and then drank more and danced and got silly all night. we closed down the place and didn't make it home until almost 4am, after some late night puking in the park (not me thank god) and climbing trees (again not me).

after all that i slept like a log and now i'm up and i've been productive today and will be more productive at a practice and then it's chill time with dinner made for us and hopefully some vegging out in front of the tv. oh summer weekends, how i've missed you.

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