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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the revolution, baby

what you are reading, ie. this blog, is going through a mini revolution. the revolution is this: i am trying to be more thoughtful and hopefully more entertaining and thought-provoking with my posts. but why then do i feel the need to give you the run down from my weekend? because i actually did stuff and have funny stories and pictures. so i'm going to take a break from my new way of blogging and tell you allll about my weekend. the best weekend so far of summer 06.

let's go back to friday night. i badly wanted to leave work early on friday, but no such luck. i got home at regular time and spent the night doing what i wanted to do. i can't remember what i ate or really what i did other than that i was content and i got some knitting done. thankfully this isn't a knitting blog because other knitters are so prolific that they would be bored silly by my lack of knitting content they would have long ago taken me off their bloglines (i still have to figure out what the heck a blogline is and what it does, but you get my drift).

i had to take my blue and black blanket off my big circs and put them on smaller ones so i could start a fuzzy green baby blanket (same pattern as before) for my boss. the people in my group have paid for the wool, i just have to make the blanket. easier said than done in 30+ degree weather.

so anyways, friday night was nice and relaxing and felt good. saturday was a little strange. we were woken up by the sound of a car pulling into our driveway. a car guy needed to use our driveway to do his brakes and so he did. for 8 hours. ug. glad that wasn't me. so i kept sleeping while j got up to help and hang out. again, i can't remember the specifics of my day really, but i do remember that there were pancakes made for me when i finally did get up and then i went to see my parents with s to give my dad his father's day present - a gift card for canadian tire.. tacky but oh so useful. he seemed happy.

and then it was (insert suspense here) saturday night. big t's birthday was sunday so she decided saturday was our night out on the town. we got dropped off downtown and had dinner at the empire grill. very nice upscale place that i wouldn't normally enter let alone eat at, but i'm glad i had the opportunity. the food was good and the service was excellent. and thankfully i remembered to take a picture (i actually got the waiter to take a group shot - see batman's camera on the right). the best part about the place was the prices were whole numbers. i mean that the pasta dish was $14, not $13.99. this is the first time i've seen this. i've always thought restaurants should cut the crap and just use whole dollar amounts and this one does. nice.

after a quick stop at the grocery store and the liquor store we went to a's apartment. one word: Jar. jar is the nasty concoction of vodka, lemons, limes and sugar. it's disgusting. i was glad to have something other than that to drink. and apparently, jar makes boys crazy.. crazy sick and crazy aggressive, but i'll get to that in a minute. a's place is really nice, nice balcony and nice view. we had a good time there, but finally decided it was time to leave for the bar. some of us trekked to hooley's which came highly recommended. turns out to be the weird mismash of weirdness. not great. we decide to leave not so long after and this is where things start getting weird.

we can't find paul. he "needed some air" and was lost. j went to find him, called him and found him, and then puked. gross. in the meantime we get a call from the apartment from the girls saying one of the guys was out of control so one of the guys who was with us went back and sure enough a huge fight broke out. the cops were called and our night was quickly brought to a halt. having three cop cars with their lights flashing and knowing your friends are being asked questions and have just fought is very sobering. and then there's p being very sick.

we finally got everyone home. there are so many little funny things, but this post is long enough as it is. we documented a lot of the p-story on flickr. let's move on to sunday. sunday was hot. i woke up because the sun was on me and i couldn't sleep anymore. i was good to my belly at first, giving it lots of water and gatorade. j and p slept until 2 and 2:30 so i did what i wanted. i lay out in the sun, i took my time doing stuff. it was nice. then we took a cake i made over to t's for her birthday. didn't stay long but it was nice. then j and i finished off the day just the two of us cause s was out all afternoon and night. i went to bed super early and that was my weekend.

congratulations, you made it through my monster post. i think i'll wait until tomorrow to post again.


  1. looks like i scared you all off with my monster post. sorry but it all had to come out.

  2. soooo.... big......

    I read the whole thing, but haven't had time to digest. Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. yeah sorry about that! i couldn't help myself!