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Friday, June 30, 2006

the death of a refrigerator

the fridge we have was left to us by j's parents when they moved away. basically anything left in the house was now ours. we scored appliances and other random stuff (like old skis in the basement rafters for example) which has definitely helped us over the past 3 years saving money to put towards our house.

there has been talk recently about not buying new appliances for the new house but to move the old ones in and wait a bit and then get new ones. i'm totally against this idea. this is a brand new house.. well, it will be. they haven't even broken ground yet. the last thing i want is to bring older things in. maybe i'm being snotty or something but that's how i feel. i was okay with bringing the washer and dryer cause they're in the basement anyways, but would still rather get all new appliances.

yesterday morning our 22 year old fridge was smelling bad, like burning. we went to work like usual. silly. we got home and the fridge was warm inside. most of our food was unsalvageable and had to be thrown out. just our luck: garbage day was the day before. let's hope it isn't too hot this week! but really, we were lucky we didn't have a fire or something.

so mr. fridge got emptied, unplugged and had written on it DNR and a smiley face with X's for eyes. DNR is short form for do not resuscitate (i had to look that word up). j has found us a bar fridge we can use this weekend.

pros, yes there are some: we get to finally get rid of all the stuff that j's parents so generously left us in the fridge and freezer. i love you both, but i've been wanting to get rid of that creamer-that's-not-creamer stuff for three years!

last night we went out shopping for a new fridge. we should be getting some discounts from our mortgage (perks) so we have to wait until we have the "package" in hand before we can buy. and this is a long weekend so i'm guessing it will be tuesday at the earliest that we get a new fridge. more likely later in the week.

we seem to have weird luck when it comes to stuff like this. remember in january, for the coldest part of the year, we had no heat? we ran out of oil before the new natural gas furnace was installed. it was freezing! ah well. i'm hoping that buying a new house will allow about 10 years of no major problems. as will new appliances.


  1. check with your new house people to get the dimensions for the fridge space. I imagine it will be pretty generous, but there's no sense in buying a fridge that's half an inch too big. Also, don't forget that you need a little bit of space around for air to move so that it doesn't get super hot behind the fridge.

    My parents have a fridge with a freezer on the bottom and I have to say, it rocks. No more bending over to get stuff out of the crisper drawers. Besides, how often do you use the freezer, compared to the fridge? I've never used a side-by-side (mr. fridge was one of those, wasn't he?) so I don't know how it compares but I would seriously look into the bottom-freezer.

    my 2 cents.

  2. we already have the maximum dimensions for all the kitchen appliances. thankfully, as long as we let them know, we can get a fridge as wide as we want and they will build the kitchen around it.

    j's set on a bottom freezer stainless steel type so that's what we've been looking at. but then there's two options for the freezer: having a drawer or having a door. the door kind is not as popular, but makes more sense to me. harder to come by for sure.

    but yes, we've been looking and talking to people are doing our research. there's no way we'd just go and buy something cause it looks pretty. well, not for a fridge anyways.

  3. Personally, I think the drawer would be cool, but my folks have the door type - I've never tried the drawer freezer. Apparently the drawer type keeps the cold in better when you open it, but that's a pretty minor deal since you're not going to be leaving the door/drawer hanging open all day.

    Stainless steel looks cool, but watch out for fingerprints (messy) and metal magnets (scratchy).

    sounds like you and J have got it all under control, as usual!

  4. thanks for the vote of support!

    we went out tonight and bought a fridge... after lots of looking around we managed to get a good fridge for super cheap. and we'll get it delivered early next week. perrrrfect!