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Sunday, June 11, 2006

sick weekend

i wanted this to be a big weekend for going out and doing stuff but it was almost completely the opposite. j is really sick and i'm still getting over my cold/allergies so we stayed in both friday and saturday nights. here's the rundown:

we met my parents saturday at the model home and took them through it. it's amazing how many kids-references they could throw in to an hour long visit. apparently they've been thinking lots about us having kids. thanks, but no thanks. not yet at least. the house was just like we remember it and we still love it. we have another meeting on tuesday to talk about stuff. i'm not very informed but i'll report back later.

big T and bananapants came over last night. we were going to watch a movie but ended up looking at pictures and talking instead. they couldn't stay long, but i'm sure we weren't the best company anyways.

i hate to say that i didn't take part in the WWKNIP day yesterday. it just wasn't in the cards. i really like the idea and hopefully will be able to take part next year. until then, i will knit alone in my basement.. well maybe not always alone. maybe that should read "in the privacy of my basement" - better.

today i managed to go out and get a fender for my bike (i hate the wet-ass you get in the rain without one) and some wool for another baby blanket, this time for my boss. she's expecting at the end of july so i have some time. at least three weeks until she's off work. plus, my coworkers are paying me to make it. it's a good deal.

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