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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

obligatory weekend update

this weekend was beautiful - not a word i use often mind you. j and i went up to the cottage friday. i was able to get off work a little early and biked home as fast as my little legs would allow. he had gone out and bought groceries during the day - he gets every second friday off - and other stuff so all that i had to do was pack my bag and hop in the car.

and so i did. i made it to renfrew until i had to pee and eat. not bad. i can't remember what time we got there or what we did, but i didn't last long. i was asleep before 12 (maybe even 11). j woke me up and dragged me outside to see the crazy pictures he was taking. picture him, a huge smile on his face, running around in front of the tripod-ed camera with a flashlight waving his arms all over. i'll post the pictures on flickr tonight hopefully. anyways, it was bed early.

and no, i didn't wake up at the crack of dawn. i blissfully slept until 11. we got up and ate our bacon and eggs on the beach. then we realized we were out of water, well not exactly out. the water we had tasted like plastic so into town we went. we got water and strawberries and other fruit (who goes to a cottage without fruit anyways??) saturday was a weird day: we did a lot of stuff but really not much at the same time. we put the raft in the water and the dock out a bit farther. i raked the beach while j washed some boats. then we floated on the water for hours. we went out in the paddle boat looking for turtles. didn't find any. found a momma duck and three baby ducks though. at night we donned bug jackets and had a bonfire.

sunday morning was much the same thing, just started a little earlier. we left before noon and headed to the bonnechere caves, naturally-formed caves just outside eganville. it was really really neat. i highly recommend going. i will have pictures of that up on flickr soon too.

on the drive home i saw a huge turkey vulture and a hawk who almost flew right into the car ahead of us. crazy birds. we got back to town with just enough time for me to eat before my ball practice.

we could not have asked for better weather and the time alone was nice and relaxing. we are most likely heading up again this weekend after the canada day shenanigans that will no doubt take place.

ps. j bought catfood and by mistake brought it up to the cottage. there was some drama as to how we were going to get our cats fed, but thankfully, p stepped up and bought us some emergency catfood and the babies lived to see another day!

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