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Friday, June 9, 2006


when i got out of the shower this morning i realized that i had forgotten to bring a teeshirt to work. i had a sweatshirt that i had left upstairs but that was no help getting me from the shower room in the basement to the 16th floor.

i sucked it up and put my stinky biking shirt back on.

as soon as i got to my cubicle i ripped it off and put on my sweatshirt.

thankfully today is cold enough that i shouldn't boil. so far i've been fine.

it's definitely chilly and raining outside. i care so much more about the weather now that i bike (have i mentioned that i'm starting to see some effects in my legs and butt?) i have limited space for what i can bring with me to and from work so i don't want to bring my jacket if it's not going to rain, but can you ever really trust the forecasts? they change by the hour (probably more but they can't update the websites quickly enough).

hmm, i also forgot my lip stuff. this spring has been really harsh to my skin. i've never had dry skin like i do now. my lips and ears are especially dry and usually i use my blistex at least 400 times a day. and now i'm without. i'm coping but i'm licking my lips all the time which will only dry them out more. woe is me.

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