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Thursday, June 1, 2006

more (slightly less serious) injuries

again with the baseball last night. the players on the team we were playing are a couple of years (10 in some cases) younger than us and so the game was very one-sided in our favour. i had to slide into third at one point and banged up my knee. it wasn't as bad as it has been but it's definitely hurting. i'm letting it breathe though. i'll bandage it this weekend most likely but for now it's out in the open.

i took the day off yesterday. it was not exactly the most honest thing i've ever done. i had an appointment in the afternoon and decided to stay home all day. i called my boss and told her what i decided and she told the big boss that i was sick. not true, but it doesn't really matter since i don't get paid no matter what my reason is for not being here.

so i slept in and then lay in the sun in my bikini for an hour. i went shopping for a bit and stopped by to see my parents. i completely forgot to buy a fender for my bike, but them's the breaks.

my doctor told me that since i no longer eat red meat i was probably missing b12 from my diet so i picked up some pills and started taking them. i've been told they will give me lots of energy. maybe i will even be good at getting out of bed in the morning... wouldn't that be fun. i drag my ass for hours in the morning. there are so many things that i would like to do before work, but i settle for brushing my teeth and getting dressed. those are the only two things i can cram in before i'm late for work. sad.

we're heading to port perry this weekend for a tournament. this is a very competitive tournament with some of the best senior teams from ontario. my team is very optimistic about our games, but i'm more realistic and just hoping that we don't get mercied in all 4. it's one thing to beat a bunch of 16 year olds, it's quite another to play on the same field as these teams we will be facing. i'll report back on monday.

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  1. Good luck at the tournament! Hope you guys will have fun!