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Thursday, June 8, 2006

jobs and laughs

i (finally) heard back about that job i interviewed for early april. i didn't get the job but i got put on a list meaning that i will hopefully get a job within the next 6 months. this is good: no more waiting and a potential job. i'm happy.

that's what i found out at work today. also at work i organized another fundraiser at absolute comedy for my baseball team. june 28th. it's a wednesday night but we did it before. please email me if you're interested in coming.

i am so ready for the weekend i can't even tell you. i want to sleep in so badly and i really need to give my ass a rest from biking. no ms tour for me. i'll settle for sponsoring my teammate.

dry post. interesting, not.


  1. I was just thinking about absolute comedy because I still haven't used my free tickets and they expire in July. Kind of defeats the point of a fundraiser if I use my free tickets to get in, doesn't it?

    Some other day then.

    btw, is your sore bum due to a lack of a fancy gel seat, or despite a fancy gel seat? It really makes all the difference. For the ultimate in comfort you can get a "touring" seat complete with springs, but you'd have to find a 15+ year old CCM like my dad's and steal the seat. Butt ugly brown leather but comfortable. Squeaks like the dickens too.

  2. i do have a gel seat but my bum still gets sore. i assume it won't by the end of the summer/whenever i stop biking.

    do you have free nights during the week? i wouldn't mind going to more comedy shows. they have the same comics all week so i wouldn't go more than once a week.