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Thursday, June 29, 2006

i'm your venus

this friday past i got home from work, showered, packed and we left for the cottage. at the cottage i managed to burn myself, most notably the front of my legs and the top of my feet. i showered after practice on sunday but didn't shave my legs cause they hurt too much.

so last night i finally shaved my legs and we were sitting at dinner - a bunch of us went to pub italia near the comedy club before the show - and i couldn't keep my hands off my legs. normally, even right after i shave my legs aren't super smooth. i make no bones about it: i don't have model legs, what with all the perma-bruises and indents from injuries past. i'm okay with that. and even though i wear pants at work i still shave my legs every day. i do it for me. i don't like shaving through lots of hair so i do it every day. honestly. for.me. but this is abnormal. my legs are silky smooth. i know you've seen the commercials for gillette or whatever shaving company where the model, who has probably had all of her body hair lasered off, runs a silk scarfy thing across her legs. that's what i feel like.

and so, i'm your venus.

ps. the show last night was hilarious!

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