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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i'm singing in the rain

is it possible to brainwash yourself? i was really hoping it was yesterday on my bike ride home. it was pouring and i was sopping wet. so i sang to myself. i sang over and over how happy i was and how nice it was to be out in the rain.

let me tell you this: i was NOT happy. all i wanted was to be home and dry. or just somewhere and dry. being dry was key.

i finally got home and i didn't even feel like showering because it was wet. and if i was warm i wouldn't have. but on top of being soaked, i was cold. so i hopped in the shower for a minute and then got dry.

and then we had to go out. we went to the design center and tried to sort out kitchen tiles and cupboards and counter tops. you wouldn't believe the selection - which just makes it harder to choose. we have a meeting with the designer next week.

absolute comedy is tonight. there are still tickets left so if you read this and live in the area and want to come and it's still wednesday, call me! that's a tall order.


  1. Can I recommend not choosing white/beige/pink tiles? Our ghetto apartment has these on the floor and they show dirt really well.

    The pros: you know when the floor needs cleaning.
    The cons: the floor always needs cleaning.

    Do all of these design meetings make it feel like the house is closer or farther away from reality?

  2. thanks alan. recommendation put in brain.

    we think we fuond a tile we like that works with the cupboards we like. but then we have to find a countertop that works with those. honestly, i would almost rather some pre-made kitchens that you get to pick from. at least then you know that everything matches.