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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

i know what i want for christmas!

this is earth week (didn't know, didja?) and so there are tons of information booths in my building during lunch time. yesterday there was a canadian geographic booth with tons of free magazines and a free map. you better believe i grabbed everything free they had and ran upstairs to start reading. it felt SO good to be reading about sciency-naturey stuff. so that's what i want for christmas - a subscription to the magazine.

it's never too early to talk about christmas present ideas. especially when they're for me. but you know, the older i get, the more and more i want things that i can use. i don't want something that will just sit somewhere. get me some tupperware or something else that i can use! is that so wrong?

so i haven't been feeling so hot since going to port perry. i think it has something to do with being wet and cold for a solid 24 hours. i haven't missed work but i missed my baseball game and in doing so i missed a pretty big spat between the girl we don't like and another player. girl-we-don't-like was trying to give relationship advice, and her only relationship experience is from the "romance with her cousin on the back of a tractor in the country" (not my words, believe me). i laughed real hard and wished i had been there.

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  1. jingle bells jingle bells jingle ALL the waaaaay....how about Christmas carols??