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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

batman's head spins

i just got offered a 12-month term position with health canada. my head is spinning! i haven't accepted yet or signed anything, but i will call my new boss back today sometime to let her know. and then i have to talk to my boss and let her know. how are you supposed to concentrate when your head is spinning?? more soon.


  1. my head is spinning today too... I finally got my security clearance.


    I had almost forgotten that I applied.

    Congrats on the new opportunity - let us know what happens!

  2. does that mean you'll be moving into an actual building?

  3. Very exciting news.....Congratulations!!!!!!

  4. Well, since they moved to the new building I can come and go as I please but now I can actually get a computer account so that when I'm there I can do stuff. I imagine that I'll probably still spend most of the week at home just because it's so convenient and everyone in the office is used to it. But just the fact that I *could* work downtown if I wanted to is very exciting!