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Friday, June 16, 2006

batman the adventurer

i was invited out for dinner last night and i went. i was told in the afternoon that we were going for sushi. in my head: eeek! in my response: sure! i'm up for that! i didn't think about it much all afternoon or i probably would have psyched myself out.

6:30 comes around and my ride shows up - big T. we pick up k and head out. thankfully this little sushi place isn't far from home.. i like going downtown but it just takes longer. so we pore over the menu for about an hour trying to decide what the hell we were doing. k had been there before i pointed us in the right direction. t and i fumbled until we had chosen 6 types of sushi.

our food came and then the fumbling with chopsticks began! i'm proud to say that i didn't fling a single piece of sushi across the room which i was totally anticipating doing. i definitely was not all kung-fu with my chopsticks, but i wasn't so terrible either. i've decided to stick with my left-hand (for those keeping score from my last post).

dinner was delicious. we had crab and spicy tuna and shrimp and tofu and cucumber.. hmm, and one more to make 6. i can't remember what it was though. i never thought sushi was a meal, i thought it was an appetizer, but we filled ourselves up.

all in all a very adventurous and interesting dinner. big t gets the bill and we get up to go and i, Klutzy girl with a capital K, knock over my chair backwards! who does that? i do. apparently.

then we walked over to dick's drive-in and dairy dip. no joke, that's the actual name of this place. t has always wanted to go and it just so happens her mouth and nose were on fire after a run-in with some wasabi. we sat down outside at a picnic table and ordered. after a while i noticed that i was stuck to the bench. that's right - i sat in ice cream. i was pissed, but not as pissed as when i got up and t and k laughed at me cause it was CHOCOLATE ice cream. all over my ass. right, me the night's entertainment.

we left there and stopped in at an adult store and looked around at all the weird and crazy things they have and laughed at some of the more ridiculous items. i mean honestly, some of those things, who uses them? i made it home without tripping or falling or spilling anything else on myself. i ran downstairs and put my bum in s's face and she laughed at me.

definitely a good night. definitely me being super adventurous (sushi?) and super klutzy.


  1. wasabi. It may look like guacamole, but it's much more evil.

    Way to be adventurous. I've never had real, authentic sushi, only stuff from loblaws. Somehow I don't think that counts. I liked it though. I get the impression though that sometimes it's better not to ask what's in it. Which type was your favourite?

  2. i think it was the crab but i'm not positive. i'll have to ask one of the girls. i know it had cream cheese in it and the name had the word 'bagel' in it. weird i know.

    i have to admit that if the bits of fish were any bigger i would probably have had an issue with the texture. it was neat though.

  3. Mmmm.......spicy tuna is my favourite.

  4. that's exactly what s told me last night when i got home.