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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

baby kleenex

we went to costco last week and bought new laundry detergent. it smells a lot more than our regular tide and i think i just might be allergic to it because when my head hits the pillow at night i get so stuffed up. i had to have this pointed out to me - i didn't put two and two together.

so i'm sitting here at work sneezing away and all stuffy and runny at the same time. all the clothes i'm wearing were washed using the same detergent! i'm an idiot!

i went to grab a kleenex from a coworker's desk. i took the last one. she's going to be mad but i couldn't care less (she's a crank pot to say the least) but now i'm out of kleenex and still sneezing runny dripping (fun!) snot everywhere. i remember seeing kleenex boxes down in the caf a while back so i grab my pass and my wallet and head downstairs. i wasn't too busy anyway.

i get downstairs and get side tracked by my grumbling belly so i choose a sweet-smelling cinnamon bun - haven't had one in a loooong time and got so distracted that i forgot why i was down there in the first place. finally at the cash i remember and find kleenex. but they don't have boxes of kleenex, not even one. they only have those little packages, you know the ones, the ones that i never would ever be caught dead with.

well i walked out of there with a cinnamon bun and a flowery little rip-off package of kleenex. here, let me tell you the contents of my little pouch: 15 (15??? holy cow! that's SO many!) 2-ply tissues. have i ever mentioned that i don't like the word "tissues" either? ug!

but what is a girl to do? i needed kleenex and now i have some. 14 tissues left to be exact.

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  1. Did you know that you can get "man-sized kleenex"? These things are almost the same size as a sheet of paper. I think they are designed as a handkerchief replacement. Anyway, my grandpa is addicted to them and unfortunately the nursing home he's in doesn't have any... we bring him some when we visit. But he's convinced that it's a conspiracy: "They just won't give them to me. I know they've got a box in the storage room. I think I'll write a letter to the administrator." Poor guy.