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Friday, May 5, 2006

pub night extraordinaire

pub night was last night. it went really well. seemed like everyone was having a good time and the team made some money.

i went to bed with a very sore throat and a very grumbly stomach and woke up hardly able to talk.

enough whining? okay.

i have no idea what i'm doing tonight. maybe finding my ball stuff seeing as how we have our first tournament tomorrow. games at 8:30 and 3:30. let me just say that 8:30 is early for a ball game. especially this early in the season. let's just hope that the weather is nice (where nice = not raining and warm enough).

maybe i'll mail off the last 6 of my warming grace squares. that's something. and maybe get j, after his much-needed and much-deserved nap, to put my bike together. i'm hoping to make a trial run to and from work sunday. good thing work isn't far.

the couch is calling!

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