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Thursday, May 18, 2006

our lives on holiday

today is one of those gray days when you really don't want to get out of bed. i actually said "what if we just stayed home today?" out loud this morning. i was still in bed two minutes before we are supposed to leave.

and now i'm just hoping the looming thunderstorm will hold off until i get my sorry ass home. that would be nice.

we were pretty luck last night. our game wasn't rained out, even though it sounds like everywhere but nepean had huge storms. we had a bit of rain but it was okay. i can't say we won and i can't say i played all that well (i didn't get one ball in the field so that doesn't count) but we had fun and our coach-prospect seems really nice. i just have to start hitting the ball and i'll be happy.

i am happy that j has come out to two of my games (i've only played in three so far). this is a much different boy than last season. i like it.

just a little thought: it was weird coming home yesterday to an empty house. s is in kingston with a friend. she's been with us for a month and a half and i've gotten used to having her around. i think her cat was lonely last night without her around.

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