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Thursday, May 11, 2006


my bum is really hurting from the biking. i went out to get a gel seat last night but they didn't have any and i still had to eat and get ready for my ball game.

getting to arnprior isn't really that difficult, but we managed to go to carleton place and were well on our way to perth before we realized we were on the wrong highway. we were 40kms south of arnprior. it took us an hour and a half to get to the diamond. we missed the first inning of the game.

i didn't play defensively but i batted. i didn't think me going on the diamond for the first time in 8 months after the winter and being sick was a good idea. i probably would have hurt myself.

so i got home and i was absolutely exhausted but i had to eat and i had to do laundry (i'm so exciting) so i did that and went to bed. this morning came way too fast and now here i am, at work, with a sore ass. j talked me into biking again even though i was hurting. i'm just hoping it doesn't rain for the ride home.

tonight is s&b and i'm definitely going, but i'm definitely not staying late. good thing i don't have anything to do this weekend that involves me getting up super early. though it is mother's day on sunday and we have that wedding to go to saturday night and my brother is in town and i have a practice on sunday. it will still be a pretty full weekend.

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