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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

new blogger!

s has joined the blogging world! check it out: the adventures of sj . her blog will get bigger and better but you get the idea. go on over and say hi. don't be shy.

i finally did it. i biked to work today. now that i'm not feeling nauseous anymore, i'm happy i did it. it'll be nice to not have to pay to get to work anymore. i might invest in one of those gel seats though. holy my bum is sore! (i toned that down for you.) i don't think i've ever biked on super busy streets before and even though i had a bike lane (except in the traffic circle - what the eff?) i still felt kinda small at some points. but i'm alive, just more hungry than i would be normally.

did i mention that my new office looks out over dow's lake? it's so nice to be able to look over and see sunlight and the sparkling water and all the people walking around. and then i wish i was one of those people - outside during the day not working. but then i think that they probably have a crappy-paying night job that they hate. i just have an okay-paying day job that i dislike. i win.

j and i played chess last night. we have one of those fancy glass sets (thank you wedding presents). i lost but it was a good game. rolo only managed to knock over one piece so that's not bad.

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  1. I drove by Dow's Lake this afternoon.

    It was really nice and I saw some tulips.