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Monday, May 1, 2006

last trip

i took my last bus ride this morning. j and i have a meeting downtown after work so it made sense for him to leave work a little early and then grab me on his way downtown. me biking didn't make sense. so i start tomorrow. i have all new brake pads and all new biking gear (shorts and a peach shirt). i just have to figure out all my shower stuff and whatever else i'm going to need.

and if i'm feeling well enough i'll be biking tomorrow. otherwise i will spending the whole day on the couch in my jogging pants with my kitties. i have my priorities.

i've finished another 6 squares for warming grace. i will send them off soon, but not before i find out if any of the s&b girls have any to send along with them.

s is a certifiable knitting machine. the girl can now knit and purl and cast on and bind off and even went to the store by herself. she bought wool and kneedles and has started a blanket. amazing!

i'm getting excited. excited for a bunch of things. in a couple of hours we're meetnig with a bank dude about mortgages. if all goes well we will most likely be buying a house this week (eek!). i'm on a team for HOPE finally. i've wanted to play in this tournament for years, but it just never happened. and then there's my race. it's sneaking up pretty fast. there's baseball starting this weekend and our pub night this thursday night. and then greg's wedding reception (he's my cousin. the wedding was last month in cuba) in two weeks. throw mother's day in there and everyone leaving for their trips (m and r to australia, a and s just left for holland and greece) and my brother coming to town. SO MUCH STUFF! ooh, and planning our australia trip.

overwhelmed yet? i am some times.

oh, and did i mention that work might be changing? they've asked me to move into a higher position. i didn't quite say yes or no but i know it's expected of me. now if only higher pay was expected of them. and i should hear about that health canada job this month. my fingers are crossed.

how's that for a random, all-over-the-place post? i'm a little crazy.


  1. Holy-MOLY that's a lot of stuff. But it seems to be a lot of good stuff, so that's wonderful.

    It's all so exciting, good for you (and S!) especially about the knitting. I think I may actually pack up my knitting soonish which is sad but you know how it is.

    Anyway, you're an inspiration to keep up with and I love to hear about all the things you always seem to have going on. I'm looking forward to reading your updates. Good luck with the mortgage dude..

  2. Wow - busy girl!

    If you've got time, make sure you check out other banks/lenders to find the best rate. Getting a mortgage takes just as much bartering as buying a car. It's easy to forget that the bank *needs* your debt to make money from you. Don't just hand it to them - make them work for it!