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Thursday, May 4, 2006

it's not you, it's me

last night, we bought a house! big news! whoooohoooooo! it's exactly what we want and we're super happy. i'm sure when i see you in person i will talk your ear off so i won't say too much here.

we move in at the end of january, so that gives us time to save and buy stuff and go to australia and for me to maybe get a permanent job... though i do also have news about my job.

i'm getting a raise. starting monday, i will be making significantly more money. i will also be expected to work significantly harder in this new position, but who cares! i'm making more money! and the gap between me and j is reduced. and one day it will be gone. i'm the only one who cares and it's funny, because i totally wouldn't care if i was the one making more money. erg.

i went into work today for three and a half hours, which was enough to wear myself out. i'm home now and soon i will be lying on the couch watching tv, saving up my energy for tonight. my baseball team's pub night is tonight. if you live near me you should come. it will be fun.

in knitting news.. yes, i have knitting news, i made a leg warmer for sandy. just one. i wanted to see if it fit before making another and i'm glad i waited. she hates it. but it was so much fun seeing her with it on (that should probably say "with her trying to get it off"), but rolo was even better. he would jump on three paws! i wish i had the camera with me. i'll just have to put it on them again.

tomorrow's friday. friday friday friday. more posting this weekend i'm sure.