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Thursday, May 25, 2006

i'm trying

i'm trying to do many things. i'm very intrigued by the second annual world wide knit in public day happening around the world june 10th. i am going to try and take part. there is already something set up for ottawa. it's a neat idea.

i'm also trying to train for my race saturday. i have tonight left. i'm going to the gym and i'm going to own that treadmill! then saturday morning i'm going to run outside. and just so you know, when i say "morning" i really mean "when i get up" which, most likely, will not be in the AM at all.

i'm trying to get work done while i'm at work. this happens in spurts. seems my attention isn't cut out for solid work. i think the only job i've ever had where i actually worked the whole time i was at work was subway. i worked damn hard at that minimum-wage job. i still don't like the smell of subway.

i'm trying to go out more. out with friends, out with j, over to see my parents.. whatever. i'm trying to do it. but i really like lazing around in my jogging pants watching tv. good thing for me most of the shows i like to watch had their season finales and i have been released from my tv's grasp.

i'm sure there are more things i'm trying to do, but that's all i've got for now.

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