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Friday, May 26, 2006

i did it!

last night i went to the gym with tina after work. my goal was to runrunrun (remember?) and that's exactly what i did. i ran 10K in an hour and 3 minutes. i was spent afterwards, but I DID IT!!! and then i stretched for about an hour - ten minutes at the gym and another long while at home.

let me tell you: i am SO proud of myself.

today is my day off meaning i didn't bike into work, i won't be running after work and i won't be feeling bad about it.

when i was in school i would make myself plans for which chapters to read and which lecture notes to study on what days.. i never stuck with it. NEVER. not once. but i made myself a plan for training for this race and i've stuck with it. this week at least.

i also beat j at chess last night. i was way down just fending off his attacks and then i got a pawn to his end and was given a castle (the technical term for that piece) and got his queen. it was all downhill for him after that. finally i check-mated him and he knocked down his king. victory was mine!

i put some more pictures up on flickr (batmans camera) last night. i started in january of 2005 and am working my way forward since i have all of 2006 up there. once i'm done with 2005 i'll go back to 2004. we got our first digital camera early early january of that year so we don't have many pictures from before then.


  1. That' really awesome! Conrgatulations, I am vbery impressed. I was thinking of doing the 5k, but I never finished training for it and it just owuldnt be any use. So my goal is to start getting in shape for the next race, good luck tomorrow!

  2. thanks sylvia, i appreciate it.

    there are races all summer long (well all year long, but i don't know who would want to run when it's freezing out). i'm going to look into a couple more this summer so i'll let you know what i come up with.

  3. Sure that sounds good! I better start practising ;)!

  4. Good luck today! And congrats for sticking to the plan. Who cares that it was only a week-long plan... you stuck to it and that's the important thing. 1hour and 3 minutes is a kick-ass time for 10k too... I remember when I used to run the canada day 5k and people would still be coming in from the 10k after our race was over. 2 hours wasn't an uncommon time.