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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

i've been sick

i haven't biked to work yet cause i haven't been back to work. i took yesterday off and didn't have a great day. and this morning i just couldn't do it. but tomorrow is the day. i'll go back tomorrow. and when i get there, i will be greeted by a newly renovated little office and a paycheque. at least i think this week is pay week. i prefer getting paid every week. that way you always know when pay week is - it's every week!

the meeting monday night went well. we found the place okay and were told that we have enough money to do what we want with this house and then the traffic wasn't terrible on the way home. and now we're preapproved for a mortgage. tonight we're going out and buying the house. that's right. we're buying a freaking house! this is HUGE!

and then we have to rush home to see the second half of house. it must be the season finale. i'm a little sad that prison break and 24 are close to being done. holy crap what good shows! i'm going to miss them, but it'll be nice to not be controlled by tv as much. just baseball.

baseball starts up this weekend. we have a "tournament". i put the thingys around the word because we only have two games and the rules are very lax - everybody bats and there are unlimited substitutions. it's really just to get out on the diamond and play games. i haven't been on the field yet and am not even sure where my stuff is. i should go and look into that. i think it's going to be a weird season because we don't really have a coach and everybody is trying to be friends. it's somewhat of a mess.


  1. Talk about retail therapy! Oh, I'm kidding, but wow maybe the energy burst from buying a mother-freaking house will help you feel less sick, eh!? Or maybe more just like you're walking on the moon or something. Heh.


    Seriously, though, all the best to you and J. Maybe you'll get to celebrate christmas in your new digs...I can't wait to see it all (though probably you'll be slighltly more mega-jazzed to check it out!!!)!!!!

    Before I wear out the exclamation point keys I'll go, but good stuff, I'm really, really happy for you both.


  2. i just found out that i have a bad case of tonsillitis. i don't think any amount of buying anything will make that go away. who the hell gets tonsilltis anyways?

    at least the drugs were cheap.

    i'm off to lie on the couch.

  3. Boo tonsillitis! Tonsillitis was the wisdom teeth of my parent's generation. Everybody they knew got their tonsils out, and now it's us with our extra teeth. Well, that's my theory, anyways. I hope you feel better soon. Take care and keep us posted on the major purchases, okay? Thanks for indulging my nosy self.


  4. I read somewhere that corner houses are 25% more likely to be robbed or broken into since they are on the corner and provide convenient gettaway locations.

  5. thanks m. i'll post soon.

    and vanessa, this is like an inside corner. i wish i could draw you a picture, but i can't, so you're just going to have to trust me. this is a new development and we're not on a corner like that.

  6. congrats! On the house bit, I mean. Not the tonsilitis. My neihgbours had that when we were kids - not fun. I was always more of a strep throat kind of guy. Anyway, take it easy and spend your days on the couch dreaming of paint colours and landscaping plans!