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Monday, May 15, 2006

greg's wedding

thank you to all those who posted last week about what i should wear to the wedding. and, what you've all been waiting for... i ended up wearing... some navy blue pants and a button-up shirt that, unfortunately, stretched a little over my mammoth boobs (if you know me, you know that i do not have anywhere near mammoth boobs) and i ended up losing a button. oops! sorry s, i will find you another one, but thanks for letting me borrow your shirt and your jacket. i can no longer dress myself.

the wedding was nice. the lone star ranch is very ranch-y. the drive way way not paved and was mega pot-hole-y (not good for a lowered car), the parking lot was muddy, and the hall was a nice barn. not where i would choose (or chose in fact) to have my wedding, but it seemed perfect for theirs.

it was really nice to see my family again. they're all local yet i only see them twice a year (the obvious christmas get together and then an annual cottage party in the summer. sad really.) greg and rebecca both looked happy.

i should point out that they actually got married april 18th in cuba (wish i could have been there!) and this was just the reception since not everyone could make it down south.

now, some observations:
1) my little cousing rebecca is getting older and is super pretty and not-awkward for a 15 year old. she does NOT take after me.
2) bride rebecca is a very nice person and i'm glad that her and greg found each other. they seem perfect together.
3) bride rebecca's mom is the meanest person in the world. she actually told my mom that she was "dirty dancing". my mom took offence and was upset a lot of the night.
4) boom boom with the bridesmaids actually does happen, especially when the wedding is in cuba and drinks are plentiful.
5) my grandmother can be pleasant when her dosage of drugs is doubled.
6) i still think j is the best guy for me and feel very fortunate that we found each other.

anyways, congratulations greg and rebecca!

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