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Sunday, May 21, 2006

dear flickr, i love you. - batman

i broke down and bought a flickr account. i was sick of only being able to upload 5 pictures a month on my free account. and now i am in love (picture me jumping on the couch tom cruise style shouting "flickr, i LOVE youuuuuuuu!").

you can see all my pictures so far - and believe me, there will be more - using the link on the right, batman's camera. i'm just delighted with all the features: the tags, the sets, the groups, the friends... everything.

all pictures can be labelled with things called tags and then you can search my pictures (or anyone else's pictures) using their tags. if you were particularly interested in my cats for example, you could click on the kitties tag and see all the pictures with cats in them.

all pictures can also be assigned to one or multiple sets, which is just a different name for album. these are shown on the right-hand side of the page and make searching for events really quick.

and then, the greatest sharing aspect of flickr is the groups part. you can share your pictures with a group. a group is full of pictures from tons of different flickr people who all share something in common. so far, i only belong to one group, the devon rex group. it's the kind of cats we have. but there are so many different kinds of groups, it's unbelievable. i have so much more investigating to do.

but for now, i will continue to upload my pictures so you should, if you're interested, keep checking back to batman's camera.


  1. Or just do like me and drop the rss feed in your reader. :)

  2. too much nerd-speak for me. dumb it down a little!