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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

broken bones

we had a game last night. a local one, which is always nice. but one of our players broke her wrist (and sprained the other one) while trying to go through the catcher. i don't get it really because it was a force play - no tag required - but there was still a collision. it's sad really. we play in a very non-competitive league and then this happens.

anyways, that means that we're down one players while she heals, which will likely take her out for the whole season. i feel for her: having a cast when it's hot out is awful. it's weird how you set up a team and think that you have more than enough players and all of a sudden you're not so sure. you have an injury here and some family troubles there and you're close to needing to call up players.

but such is life. you can plan all you want but i don't think you can ever be fully prepared, with contingency plans for every possible outcome. shit happens.


  1. ouch... I hope that she's ok. Sucks that recreational leagues are often as dangerous as competitive leagues. A guy on my soccer team last year had his three front teeth knocked out with someone's elbow...

    It doesn't take long for chance to obliterate your roster. Again with the soccer, this year we are fielding a team of 15 (you need 11 on the field). Between vacations and the inevitable injury here and there I have a feeling we'll be playing short a few games.

  2. and she drives standard.

    but yeah, out for the whole season.. there's almost nothing worse than that feeling.

  3. drives stick, eh? Something tells me that her quarter-mile times are going to suffer over the summer. How do you eat/write/do anything with a broken and a sprained wrist? I hope she has someone to help her for at least a few days...