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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


there is something so completely satisfying about biking into work. i think it has to do with the fact that i am powering myself the distance between my house and my building. the only reason i am moving towards my goal is my legs are constantly going round and round in circles which moves the pedals which move the gears which move my tires and propel me to work or to home.

i fly past cars when they're lined up waiting at an intersection. i fly past the busses picking people up. and i'm doing it all myself. and the only waste i'm producing is some minimal carbon dioxide that i exhale every breath.

i feel like an old pro, sitting here at my desk talking about biking, but then i get up and my oh-so-sore muscles remind me that i am still very new to biking and that i shouldn't get so cocky. every trip i learn something about my body or about my bike. i know that i really want a fender for the back. i know that i really want another long-sleeved shirt so i can wash mine every so often. i know that i really should have another pair of shoes at work.

i also know that i really like biking. i like that i am once less car on the road. i like that i'm not on the bus (though the bus, when it treats me well, usually leaves me with the same sort of i'm-doing-good-for-the-environment-by-using-public-transport feeling). i like that i'm getting exercise. and soon i will like my legs, because you know with all this exercise i should have a sexy pair of legs real soon.


  1. I just bought a new bike (and a helmet of course). Her name is Aphrodite. It has been many many many years since I rode a bike and it rained here for several days after I bought it, so I'm still waiting to take it on a long ride. I feel a bit geeky and unbalanced on it , especially at first, but I'll catch on. I'm planning to use it to get to work until the snow flies. We'll see how that goes.

  2. honestly, you'll love it. it feels so good.

    ps. my bike's name is disco.

  3. Hi Sexy legs!

    Ohh, yur biking story is very inspiring. I miss biking quite a bit. A few days ago I went to a free bike seminar by the owner of McCranks bikes at the community centre. There's lots of helpful tips t be learned at those, and I saw some nice saddlebags I'd dearly love for shopping!.

    Anyqhoo, back from Waterloo, so I'll give a shout soon. Yay for one less car on the road! As great as the bus is, it's less bad, where the bike is GOOD!!! Hooray!

  4. i had to take the bus today to give my body a rest.. apparently biking twice a day and two baseball games in one week was a little too much. ouch!