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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

bad news

my bad news is that we have to cancel our australia trip. we hadn't booked anything so this isn't a costly decision, but a tough one either way. we looked at our money situation and decided that, since we just bought a house and will need money in the next 8 months to cover those costs, that we would have to cut our trip short. if i go all the way to australia i want to see most of the country. or at least more than only one city.

this doesn't mean that we won't be going anywhere or doing anything in the next 8 months, it just means we have to find more bang-for-your-buck kind of things. so really, our lifestyles won't really be effected. we already live like that... mostly.


  1. That's too bad, but totally understandable. Too bad australia is on the other side of the world, eh?

  2. You guys should come to the Bahamas with me :D
    Sucks about your trip, but very smart move on your behalf. Better to do it right in a few years, than do it now and regret it later.

  3. i don't regret anything i've ever done. i'm just not that kind of person.

    alan, i'm glad australia is so far away, otherwise it wouldn't be so different and interesting and i wouldn't want to go so much. think i've seen hardly any of canada? hell no! but i will, eventually.