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Friday, May 12, 2006


i, thankfully, do not have arachnophobia. but some days i think i'm very close.

this morning, i had two close encounters with spiders. the first was there was a spider on the ceiling in the bathroom. not a huge deal. so i head downstairs to check my email. i almost walked into a dangling spider on my way to the computer. i managed to kill that one by knocking it on the floor, but not before my heart was racing at almost walking into it. yuck! so that was the second.. little did i know that the first encounter wasn't done.

i go back into the bathroom and was content to see the spider near the ceiling and the wall and not moving. i look up again and he's making a break for my bathrobe, which i will be putting on after i shower. i couldn't stand for that so i get him with a kleenex, but when i pulled the kleenex away he fell INTO MY BATHROBE!!! the horror!

needless to say i didn't use my bathrobe and spent most of my shower calming myself down.

i never used to be like this, but i also never used to have to deal with so many spiders. i tell you, cracks in the foundation of your house lets all sorts of nasty things in. i can't wait to have a brand spanking new house where the only bugs will be the ones that live on our bodies. at least for the first couple of years.

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  1. EEEEEWWWWWWWWW!! that's so gross! the night before last i was just about to start reading when i looked up and there was a spider, right above my head. i thought i could ignore it but of course not. so i went to kleenex him and he fell INTO MY BED. i found him but not without huge panic. GROSS.