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Friday, May 19, 2006

another new blogger

i have introduced another new blogger to the internet land - meet bananapants. he's one of j's car friends. he's a crazy one, believe me.

anyways, i finally caught up on prison break and 24 last night. i can't believe prison break is leaving us with that. it was intense. very intense. and 24, well 24 is always intense. it was good, except we had to watch the episodes on the computer and our computer chairs suck! we definitely need a new computer chair. maybe this weekend i will indulge myself (i don't think it would come to this: me thinking that a new chair is indulging... maybe i need to get some icecream and indulge in that.)

i am sososososoSO happy it's friday. i really thought yesterday was friday. this has definitely been a long week for me. the weather has been gray and rainy which never helps, and i've been biking to work wearing myself out and then having late baseball games. honestly, my body isn't used to this anymore.

and shit, my race is in one week and a day. i REALLY have to get running. i didn't bike in today so maybe i'll go to the gym (hi gym, remember me? i used to come in all the time but i haven't been much at all in the past couple of months. what's that? you'll take my money anyways? yeah, that's what i thought) and run. runrunrun. a whole 10 kilometers. who was the idiot who thought a 10K race was a good idea anyways? the longest i've ever run is 8K and that was by mistake while i was training for my 5K last spring. i won't make the the-treadmills-are-actually-in-miles mistake again.

what else? what else? this is a long weekend and i have nothing planned. my grandparents are moving again. they are in holland and are stopping in ottawa to pick up a car before driving and eventually arriving in bc, where they will hopefully rest. it's really too bad for my parents who were looking forward to the year's first long weekend and now they have to put all their plans on hold to cater to my grandparents. all this has really impressed on my parents that they will never do this to either me or my brother, which is the silver lining for me.

and back to weekend plans. i have a vague plan that i'm going to have some people over. this will force me to clean the house, which hasn't happened in too long, and see my friends, which also feels like it hasn't happened in a while. maybe i'll squeeze some knitting and/or scrapbooking in there too. i could only be so lucky.

oh, and i've figured out (thanks j!) how to resize pictures and will be uploading WAY more to my flickr account (see link on right) so check there soon!

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