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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

to work or not to work

so last week was intense at work. intense. this week, with everyone back in the office, and the crunch week past, isn't so intense. in fact, i've been here for two hours and i haven't done a lick of work. not one lick! and it feels great!

last night we went to the gym again. for the first time in forever. it felt good, but i feel dumb for not going more often in the past month (or two months even). i don't know what's going on.. it's the same thing for dinner. we've been really crappy at cooking dinner for ourselves and so never have leftovers for lunches. that's bad. we're bad. we're going to get better.

last night s cooked us dinner while we were at the gym. and tonight i think i'm going to cook up a big bunch of this chicken pasta we like so we can have lunches. tonight we're also going to see the travel agent to talk about australia - yes, we are really going - and also head out to kanata to see ice age 2.

i forgot to mention this, but s and i watched walk the line friday night. it was a really good movie. really good. i also finished my book and it was really good. i'm in a transition reading stage because i don't have any more books (novels) to read presently so i'm reading the third darwin awards. they're funny, but it's not the same as reading a story.

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