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Thursday, April 20, 2006

thursday stuff

i finished my first pink square for warming grace (click link or click the button on the right). i've started my second one. it's a different pattern and i think that's part of the fun. when you're making a bunch of little things that don't require anything but knitting a square, you can play with the pattern and not tax yourself so you can still pay attention to the tv. perfect.

i'm excited for knitting tonight. i missed the last two weeks (maybe even the last three) and s is coming. i'm going to teach her how to knit.

i am also setting up a scrapbooking date with julie for friday night. i haven't done anything on my scrapbook for weeks. i am really getting the urge to finish goliath, just get it done. i have a total of four blank pages and a couple more here and there that need something. i want to eventually have the cover and spine detailed, but it costs money (presents for batman??? <-- excessive use of question marks. i'm looking at you, j. *hint*hint*)

friday night is also the first ottawa mazda club meet. it will be nice to meet these people in person even though we won't be able to bring our carcar there. it still isn't running, though it will start now. it just stalls if you hit the gas. not driveable, but not completely fubared either.

i'm getting geared up for biking to work. i'm not going to get a may bus pass so i have just over a week left of bussing - less if i get my ass in gear sooner. i have to get new brake pads (j stole mine) and possibly a new lock (i think j stole that too). i already figured out where to park my bike and where the showers are in the building. hopefully this weekend i will bike out here and check out possible routes. i've been trying to scope them out from the bus on my way to and from work, but you can only do so much like that. i think it's about 16-20 kms, but probably less with bike paths and such.

i also found out yesterday that there is a running club here that meets every monday at lunch so hopefully i will be doing that as well. i really need to start training for my race, which is in just over a month. eeek! i might die. sponsor me!

last night, s and i checked out this huge jean-and-other-stuff sale. we both got shirts. i'm excited for them. if you're in ottawa, you should check it out. might as well. stuff on the cheap. just beware of the tons and tons of people, all with screaming kids and nasty b.o. they will be there.


  1. Um, I can't believe you failed to mention that CORNINGWARE is having a sale too! I almost wish I was being sarcastic. Ahhh, bakewear. I love thee. Anyway, I'm super looking forward to this evening as well. Go knitting! I'm hoping to sort out my stray balls of non-acrylic so people can take some for squares, as well as solicit advice on an enormous mega ball of 100% acrylic. Biking to work sounds divin, especially on days like these. Mmmm sunny. Anyway, you'll seeee!

    can't wait to see ya

  2. Hopefully Vlatko won't ask you for a ride there, mirite?

  3. i haven't talked to vlatko in forever.