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Monday, April 24, 2006

the little weekend that sucked

last weekend and last week we had it all: nice weather, tons of time off, good times... and then the little weekend that sucked came along. the weather was horrible, there wasn't much to do and even less energy to do it. yuck. yuck.

i did accomplish some things this weekend. i looked for brake pads. j stole mine and i want to start biking to work next week. no more bussing for me! this is a sweet thought after having to wait over 30 minutes for my bus this morning. at least there is a bus shelter at my stop.

i got one page done in my 2006 scrapbook and i finished the title page. that's something. julie and i were not in the right mood friday night. we were so not inspired. so we didn't last long.

s finished her skinny gray scarf and ploughed through a fatter red scarf. she's is now a knitting master. and then i taught her how to purl. again with the crying! so, once she gets through more purling and is more comfortable, we'll put the two together and she will be unstoppable.

on my own needles, i sped through 4 more pink squares. no two squares are alike, which is fun and keeps me entertained. some are a little bigger than the required 5"x5", but i'm hoping that doesn't make or break the deal. i'm packing them all up tonight and sending them off tomorrow. i will continue to make and send squares - i have no other use for the pink cotton wool and love that i'm helping in some way, admittedly tiny though.

and the biggest news from the weekend is.... (drumroll please.....).... well, let me tell you the whole story. it won't take long. promise. remember that baby blanket i made about a month ago? we went and saw landon and sheri and brand new baby boy, kalev, on saturday. he is SO tiny. i'm not very seasoned when it comes to babies, i even turned down my chance to hold him, but this was one cute little baby. he slept the whole time we were there. amazing. it gives me hope.

so anyways, we went and had a good time and gave them the baby blanket. on our way home, figuring since we were in the neighbourhood, we would stop by the sales center for the house we like. we talked to the woman there and were almost 100% talked into buying a house. now. yes, probably within the next two weeks.

there are many reasons and factors and contingencies and intricacies and delicacies but i won't get into all that here and now. basically, it works out that it might be best if we bought now instead of waiting until september or october like we previously thought. so sunday, we went back and went through the model again and managed to see an actual house of another of j's coworkers. and we talked and talked and talked some more.

and now that it's monday, j is calling around to mortgage people. hopefully we will meet with one or two this week and figure out which bank/institution to go with and get'er done! this is a little fast, but almost definitely the right move. i will keep you updated.


  1. I'm curious - what makes now the right time, instead of the fall?

  2. mostly timing for move-in, but also finances as prices in the fall will be significantly higher. if we buy now, we pay a little less, but have to move out a little early. if we buy in the fall, we pay more and there's no guarantee we will be able to move out in time .. since we are being kicked out of this house in a year.

  3. That doesn't sound like a sucky weekend...more like a pretty full one to me. House-buying seems very mathy. Is it something that most people do on their own? Or do people get consultant help? Anyway, it definitely seems like a lot to accomplish in a short time, though no doubt you two are more than up for it. Around when would your move in date be if you guys decided to proceed? (I'm selfishly wondering if I'd get to see the place)


  4. december. january at the latest.