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Thursday, April 27, 2006

tee minus one month until race day

it's exactly one month until my 10K race. i have not been training as i should have for various reasons, but last night i kicked my ass into top gear. we went to the gym and i ran. oh how i ran. i got on that treadmill and went for 5K in just over 30 minutes.

that said, here are my goals for this year's race:
1) finish the race - a pretty general and hopefully easy goal, nice for goal #1;
2) run the whole 10K - you know, no having to stop to walk;
3) finish in under 60 minutes - now we're getting into my more loftier goals; and,
4) raise $200 in pledges for the Canadian Athletes NOW Fund - their goal was to have 2008 participants each raise $2008 (for the olympics in 2008.. get it?) and perhaps i will get that much, but my goal remains modest.

if you would like to sponsor me please visit my page (here). i appreciate any and all support, but please do not feel obligated.

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