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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

snow? now?

it snowed this morning. and yesterday i could have sworn it was october or november the way it was cold and gray out and all sorts of leaves were being blown all around. i'm not ready for winter. but really, i don't have to be. it's april! c'mon weather! it's almost baseball season! smarten up!

the wedding show went pretty much the same on sunday. my feet were killing me, but the day passed. and now i'm just fighting off the cold/flu/whatever_bug everyone seems to have. j and sarah are both at home sick today. i took yesterday off, but am back at work today.

i have to go out tonight and get some interview-worthy clothes. you would think i would have something, but i don't. ug. my fingers are crossed for a ride home. that would be excellent.


  1. I have that bug too :(

    - Sabrina

  2. sneezing and sniffles over here... darn changing weather!