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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

smiley faces

let me tell you what i think about smiley faces. i'm against them. i think they're pretty dumb. especially when they are not accompanied by words. but, that said, there have been three occasions - and yes, only three - when i have wanted to use a smiley face. i won't do it. i can't do it.

i'm the same way about internet-speak. you know, all the lol's and rofl's and a/s/l's and iai's - i just made that one up. it stands for "i'm an idiot". i don't think it'll catch on.

and don't even get me started on the how r u's that make me want to run, screaming, from my computer, while ripping out all my hair, to a vat full of rotting grossness and jump in. head first.

i'm not normally a confrontational person. in fact, i do not usually voice my opinions because i don't care enough to maybe offend even one person. but here it is. i'm putting my feelings out there. don't be offended. it's me not you.

if you're trying to communicate with me using the interweb, don't hesitate to use smiley faces and acronyms and other internet speak. i won't hate you. promise. i might cringe and die a little inside, but i won't hate you.


  1. I'm waging an internal personal war against excessive exclamation points. I'm an offender, and it bugs even me. (Also my typos. I'm trying to slow down to get the words right so people don't think I was raised by wolves).

    I'm so old school that I still sound out 'lol' and 'rofl' phonetically in my head before I process it as an internet acronym. It bugs, for sure. Because for that split second before I decode the message, the sender - to me - sounds like a tool.

    !!!!!!!!!1 heh.
    The Captain.

  2. Personally, I don't mind the odd 'emoticon', so long as it's actually character-based. I hate emails with piles of little yellow smiling faces.
    As a result, email programs that automatically convert text into smileys seriously bug me. grrrr.

    sometimes emoticons are funny though. One of my personal favourites is the "shocked and surprised, yet somewhat confused" face, pictured here: