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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

obviously. i'm not stupid.

you want more details. i can give you some.

the house we want is in a community 10-15 minutes south of downtown. it's a relatively new community and a brand new development. the house is what they call a "supertown", which really means a semi-detached. but only attached at the garage so we wouldn't share a wall with our direct neighbour. it's right on a corner so the lot is much bigger than the rest of the street and backs onto a road so we wouldn't have any back neighbours.

now for timing. timing is key. we were going to wait for the next phase of development. they do a little chunk of land at a time. the next phase will be a couple of streets over/across from the current phase. as soon as they are done selling the current phase they open up the new one. then they start builing, starting with the model homes and working their way up the street. because we want a supertown, which is located on the corners, it would be a while before one became available, and even longer before they got to building it. while we could theoretically purchase it in the fall - more likely late fall/early winter - chances of them having it built when we need to move out - this time next year - are slim to none. we would need to figure out temporary accomodations = huge hassle.

timing on this phase: we buy now and they delay the construction of the home as long as they can and we move in late december, early january at the latest. which puts us a couple of months earlier than planned. not the end of the world. and actually much better than trying to figure out some temporary accomodation if we bought and couldn't move in until months after we get kicked out of our house now. make sense?

and money: the cost for the house will be higher in the next phase. how much higher? no one knows. is this significant? possibly, but possibly not. but add that on to the timing and the choice seems easy.

the house is exactly what we want. we fell in love with it the minute we walked in. and we've been back and still love it. we've made some large purchases together (the most obvious and biggest being the car) and it was the same thing. we test drove tons of cars but as soon as we got in the 3 we knew it was the car for us. well this is the house for us. you just know. and if you don't just know, you don't just know. and if you just know, you just know what i mean. you just know.

monday we meet with the mortgage guy.

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