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Saturday, April 1, 2006


i like this picture of me. and i think i know why. it doesn't show any of my features that i don't like so much. everyone has something (usually more than one thing) that they don't like about themselves.

today went well. we completely messed up the music for the first fashion show but after much meeting and discussing, we figured it out and had a better show the second time. we had to kick out one woman for soliciting so that was kinda exciting, but other than that it was a pretty typical wedding show day.

i thought a bit today about what to wear to my interview wednesday. i had some ideas floating around and decided to look around tonight. why do stores close at 6 on saturdays? aren't they open until 9 on weekdays? i don't get it. don't people stay up later on weekends? or is it that people have lives and go out on weekends.. hmm, maybe that's my problem. ah well, i'm going to get back to my tv. nothing beats lying on the couch watching mindless crap with two warm bodies. oh wait, j could be here.


  1. Hey, nice picture. There's a thing on the internets called 'self portrait tuesday' and you're meant to take pictures of yourself and explain something about it...the significance of where you are, what you were thinking at the time, whatever you associate with the picture. It sounds like a cool excercise. If you want you can give me a shout on my home e-mail on monday, I bet I'll be around.

  2. oh being unemployed... i miss that sometimes.

  3. Well, until the 'taking money out and not putting money back in' kicks in. That part doesn't feel so good! Thank heavens for beans ;-)

    I'll miss seeing you around as much though. I still want to meet for lunch. call me [makes dorky phone out of hands signal; flips hair]!