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Friday, April 14, 2006

*knockknock* cleaning lady!

that's me. i just cleaned like it's my job. it's not my job, but sometimes i just have to clean. i never imagined that having one extra person and one extra cat in the house would make such a big difference, but we run out of dishes and utensils weekly and the hosue gets messy sooner.

last night we had easter dinner #1 at vik's parent's house. they have a new place in barrhaven. it's really really nice. basically a bungalow with one room on the second level. it had 9 foot ceilings and a huge 20 foot ceiling over the family room. very nice.

anyways, more stuff to do on day off #1 - yay long weekends! i'll leave you with this picture. that's m, j, s, a and b from m's surprise party last saturday night:

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