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Friday, April 21, 2006

i'm ready i'm ready

last night was s&b. it was great. i brought s and taught her how to knit (no purling yet) and she's about a foot and a half of the way through a skinny scarf. she's a knitting machine! m, your salsa is great. thanks again for the jar.

there were lots of people there last night, which is nice, but i feel like i hardly got to talk with anyone. i got my second pink square finished though so that's good. i thought we had just over a month and a week to send them in for the contest, but really we have just over a week. so i'm going to try and whip up another square (the more squares, the more entries for the contest) before i send off my 2 and sylvia's 2. sylvia - you need to get me a postcard!

i left work early yesterday because i couldn't concentrate. my maxie, my parent's dog, was really sick and my mom was super upset and i felt helpless (one of the worst feelings in the world). she wasn't eating or drinking and wasn't her usual self (she usually follows my mom around all day and is fun and playful and happy) so my mom took her to the vet and had a bunch of tests done. turns out she has a severe, but treatable, bladder infection. she has antibiotics and is already eating and drinking again. poor puppy.

tonight should be fun. we're going out for dinner with the car guys and then it's the first official meet of the year and then i'm scrapbooking with julie. man, i don't do a single thing for nights and nights and then i cram it all into one friday night. odd.

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