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Saturday, April 29, 2006

i almost forgot

i almost forgot. i was at the gym last night and had just run my 5K on the treadmill. i went to get a papertowel to wipe down the machine and read a poster on the wall. it was for the new learn-to-run club at the gym.

the poster first described the club and then listed off the reasons to join. it went something like this:
"perfect for people who want to:
- make new friends
- lose weight
- suffer an injury
- get outside"

i promptly ripped the posted off the wall and brought it down to the front desk with me. i didn't think the club would want to be advertising this way: perfect for people who want to suffer an injury!

i think i know why it was there, but it still didn't sound right. umm, no thanks, i don't need any injuries. how badly are your personal trainers paid anyways?

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