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Monday, April 17, 2006

easter? no. turbo weekend

this weekend was one of the longest long weekends i can ever remember. it felt like it went on and on and i loved it! thursday night we went to vik's place for dinner. yes, i've already mentioned it. friday night was dinner with my parents. it was your typical easter feast of lasagna. screw traditions. it was good. keeping with the food theme, we had turkey dinner with j's grandparents saturday night. we had fun making telus ads with our chocolate bunnies and our cell phones:

and that rounds off our easter dinners.

like you can see in the title of this post, this weekend was turbo weekend. earlier this year we bought a turbo for the mazda and this weekend was perfect for the install. i remember waking up to j getting ready to go outside. it was 8am and he said that it was like christmas morning. yeah, i guess it was. so he spent all day (11 hours to be exact) out in the driveway. a bunch of his car friends came by to help. i helped by getting pizza for lunch, looking pretty, and making dinner. i'm such a girl.

one of the highlights from the day was when gas sprayed into paul's mouth and dave and jeremy's eyes. it wasn't funny at the time, but they'll definitely laugh about it over beers later.

bad news, the car still doesn't start. something's not quite right, but it's okay because it'll get towed to a shop and they'll look at it this week.

today was a pretty relaxing day. we went shopping and i got a shirt for work and j got some shoes - the girl was so great and she even knocked $20 off the price - and we got some house stuff from zellers. i managed to find some 100% cotton pink wool so i'll be taking part in warming grace (see button on the right). now we're just hanging out until michael scoffield and jack bauer come on tv.

back to work tomorrow. not sure how i feel about that, but it is a short week and without work i wouldn't appreciate a huge fat long weekend like this one.


  1. wheee... turbo! Too bad about the non-starty, but I'm sure it'll work out. You might want to book an appointment with the doctor soon because I feel a bout of "heavy-foot-itis" coming on...