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Monday, April 10, 2006

dun like dinner

happy birthday goes out to alan! he's 25. he's catching up to the rest of us. we went out friday night for his birthday and i think he managed to choke down half a half-pint and one shot. someone else did all the drinking for him.

i got to sleep in both saturday and sunday and let me tell you i was SO happy. i'm still tired today, but that's because i couldn't fall asleep last night.

we had the first cats-on-cat encounter and i'm happy to say that it wasn't half as bad as we thought it would be. s's cat is all talk and our two don't seem to really care about her cat. there's been more growling and hissing than we've ever had, but i think they're all coming around.

okay, enough about cats. friday night we went to honest lawyer for alan's birthday. like i said, he didn't get pass-out drunk, but that's just not his style. good job sylvia for organizing. it was a little bit of highschool flashback but that happens and isn't always a bad thing.

saturday night was m's surprise party and she was hella surprised. it was great. we all had margaritas and spaghetti (rob must have called me about 25 million times about a meat sauce) and enough swedish berries to make me feel gross. i was supposed to go out to a bar that night, but stayed late at m's and didn't make it out.

yesterday we had a baseball meeting. it was very productive and made me excited for the season to start. our next fundraiser is a play-off hockey pool so consider this your heads up for me contacting you about spending money and supporting my team. then we had dinner with j's grandparents. it was much more stressful than usual and left me worn out.

this is a short work-week because of the long weekend coming up. sweet! and then we have another short week. double sweeet! i'm guessing my brother will be coming home for the weekend, but i'm really not sure. we will see.

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  1. A quarter-pint for a quarter-century. Fitting. Also, you only get one shot at your 25th birthday.