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Saturday, April 29, 2006


so apparently i got sick. i went to bed last night thinking my allergies were finally kicking in, but really i was coming down with something. i could hardly swallow when i woke up and after drowning myself in orange juice i can definitely say that i am feeling better but that i am for sure sick.

some blog news: i got the comments working and got the navigation bar back along the top of the page, which i again removed because of the aesthetic. i've never used that word, but it really was perfect for what i was trying to say. oh yeah, tell me what you think about the little home link above the posts. i still don't know what i think about it, except it's kind of useful after you've left a comment to get back to the blog. but i don't know.

hey! now that i'm blogging from home i can post a picture. hmmmm. how about:

this is a great picture of the cats. they're finally getting along well enough to all be on the perch at the same time. we've decided that s NEEDS a perch when she moves out. she also might just need a little kitten to keep hers entertained.

anyways, the sens are playing so i'm going to go lie on the couch with some kitties and a blanket and some orange juice. i'm lovely.


  1. Great picture! Rolo really does look a bit like our Truffle...

    Yes, I agree that s will need both a perch and another kitty.

    I like the new look on your blog.

  2. oh thanks. i got bored with the black much sooner than even i expected. at least there are tons and tons of templates out there just waiting to be used.

    s knows she needs a perch, but isn't too sure about the second cat.