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Sunday, March 19, 2006

weekend nothingness

friday night for me was a bust. i stayed in and talked on msn - a very strange occurrence for me - to a guy i hardly know. very odd night. i meant to knit and watch a movie. instead i sat at the computer and watched las vegas. does anyone actually watch that show. one of the female charaters irks me so much. she had fake lips and fake boobs. i find it hard to look at her because she is so out of proportion. there is something to be said for the correct proportions on a human body, especially in today's age of plastic surgerizing everything.

yesterday i got up and checked the messages on the phone. i had one from an alarm company saying my parents' place had a burgulary alarm. i couldn't be ahold of them so it was a weird ten minutes until i was able to contact the alarm people. guess i should get the password for that.

last night we went to lick's for the first time. talk about a themed restaurant. i had the best veggie burger i've ever had though. congratulations, lick's, you've really outdone yourselves.

we also bought a new camera. we realized that there are going to be multiple weekends this summer where we'll be apart and both want to have the camera. so we splurged and bought a digital slr. i can give you the specs if you're really curious, but it's basically an entry-level slr, but it's more than we need. it fun to take pictures with and we took ~100 yesterday alone including this gem of sandy:


  1. That's a great picture of Sandy. You're going to have such a blast with your DSLR. Just stay away from camera stores from now on, otherwise you'll have to declare personal bankruptcy in short order. :-P

    btw, I sent you an email.

  2. Hey I checked out your flickr site and it's great....excellent birthday pictures! MMm, I remember that yum cake, tres delicious.

    See ya at tomorrow chiquita

    also: fabulous pictures of Sandy...cameras are fun!