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Friday, March 17, 2006

the week's fun

instead of knitting last night we had a pizza potluck. m (captain pants) made the dough and everyone brought toppings. it was really good.

but i have been knitting. lots actually. i took pictures but none turned out very well. i'll leave you in suspense.

today is st. patty's day, but i'm not going out. my stomach has been bothering me lots today so i'm staying home and watching tv and knitting. yikes, i'm getting old.

i was checking out the race site (link) today and was pleased to learn that ottawa is hosting the first ever canadian wheelchair marathon. huge athletes will be coming from all over. i'm planning on volunteering again this year so hopefully i'll see the race. i also saw a news bit on the hour (link) about how the paralympics get so little coverage. i wonder if that will change.

so, happy drinking to everyone irish (which is every single person today). i'll be with my kitties on the couch watching tv.

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